Have you ever seen a platypus in the wild? Get up to Bombala and enjoy both a great day out and close to guaranteed sighting of platypus in the river. It isn’t uncommon to be able to glimpse three at once.

Platypus viewing platform at Bombala


Potaroo Palace is a great place to get up close to native animals, it is a short drive away http://www.potoroopalace.com/

However, at the Pambula Family Beach House the wildlife has a habit of coming to you. Just down the street there are always lorikeets in the front garden, and the kangaroos are always hanging around.

Strange and colourful fruit – Weemilah Drive


Kangaroos in the garden, an everyday occurrence.



and as for birdlife, in the Pambula Family Beach House you’ll find two books on birds and a big poster on all of Australia’s parrots. Or don’t worry about what kind they are, just sit back on the deck and watch the majestic sea eagle soar overhead for hours at a time, or the gregarios of the forest, the giant yellow tailed black cockatoos cruise back to the National Park as the darkness descends.

Finally, you’ll get double points if you can see what makes those tiny little holes in the back lawn. They’re bandicoots, but they’re hard to spot.