bike riding

The Bega Valley Shire is a great place to ride your bike. There are family rides, MTB rides, CX rides and road rides.

The best family bike ride is along the bike path into Merimbula. The path begins at the caravan park.

Road riders have some good choices but are advised to avoid the highway to Eden due to dangerously thin bridges, trucks, and high speed differentials.

The classic road rides of the district are from Pambula Beach to:

Wyndham and back

South Wolumla, Candelo, Myrtle Mountain, Wyndham and back

Wyndham and then up Mt Darragh and back

Lochiel then up Back Creek Rd to Eden and back.

Merimbula up to (and beyond) Tathra and back

…or the big one, 210kms and 3,500 vertical around Brown mtn and Bombala

The road from New Buildings to Big Jack Mountain.

Having a bike that can go on a dirt road opens up a whole new set of possibilities including Nullica, New Buildings, Big Jack Mountain and the Tantawangalo Mountain rd.

Dirty deeds aplenty. This is one of the trails through gold mining country between Summerhill Road and Nethercote Rd, South Pambula.

The MTB options are endless, beginning just a couple of hundred meters above the house and riding up to the water tanks, turning right and dropping down to Lumen Christie, the Catholic school at the entrance to Pambula Beach village. Too easy. For some more challenge, head up Summerhill Rd in south pambula, but don’t fall into a mineshaft!

One of the most fun MTB roads is Kingfisher road which you can add into the Candelo/Myrtle Mountain loop.

For a challenge, go up Wollumla Peak, it gets steep near the top.

Finally, for a shorter loop take the Millingandi Rd then turn south and jump up to the Wollumla Peak road which will bring you out on the Wyndham road for the trip home.



Fast and furious down Kingfisher Road.

Families with competent riding kids can rent a bike and have a go at Mountain Biking at Mandeni.

There is 10km of single track here, and it’s free if you bring your own bike.

Finally, the most famous and best developed cycling in the district comes courtesy of the Tathra MTB club

Tathra mtb
Tathra trails